Royal Bloom are a Rock Band from Ayr, Scotland. I managed to catch these guys Live at Eagle Inn, Manchester. As some of the locals mentioned to me. A well hidden little Gem of a place. The Guy on the bar gave a nice welcome, always a good sign. Great Beer and a cool back room where the stage is hidden away, with a nice balcony for the crowd to enjoy a great view of the stage. Royal Bloom opened up with one of their new numbers 'Viceral' followed by a track off their Debut Ep 'Under The Bridge' On the Drums is Kyle McKnight who is a bit of a Animal when it comes to beating them skins. 'Vice' is up next. Setting us all up for a 'Bittersweet' Headbanging session. With the Beer flowing nicely the right track came next 'Suffer Tomorrow' with Aaron Dick providing the Fuzz of the Bass. Royal Bloom have released a new video 'Flakes Of Snow' Great to see this played Live. 'Lose My Way' was another awesome track. 'Yellow' was followed by the track of the night for me 'Drifter' With Lewis Wise on Vocals and Guitar. The loud Grinding Guitar and gravel toned Vocals were just perfect. The final track of the night was 'Grit' and that is what the three fellows have True Grit. Fantastic Night.

They are on the road at the moment if you get chance to catch these guys live, Take it. New Album out soon.

Vocals/Guitar...Lewis Wise

Bass...Aaron Dick

Drums...Kyle McKnight

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