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Heavy Metal Band Acrolysis who hail from Sydney,New South Wales,Australia. Have released a Five track EP 'Black Dog's Serenade' First up Is the fast & furious 'I Should Of Known' With the amazing Riffs and Vocals is Constantine Ana. 'One Trick Pony' is another Riff Fest with Mytal Baba pulling the strings on Bass. 'Where As Your God Gone Now' Things are slowed down here but you will still fine yourself nodding your head along and yelling along. Awesome track. 'Shadows Of Gold' is another slow number, but what a Great song. The final track 'Fifty Four' is a cool Instrumental with Amit Barnay bringing the beat of the Drums. Great release.

Vocals/Guitar...Constantine Ana

Bass...Myal Baba

Drums...Amit Barnay

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