Rock Band Driving Force who hail from Zurich, Switzerland. They have released a Eleven track Album 'All Aboard' Heres a few of the standout tracks. Opening track 'Dog House' is one Hell of a catchy tune, sure to have you singing along with Thomas Mathis on Vocals and Guitar. 'Black Beauty' This will have you yelling out load. The Title track 'All Aboard' will have you head goin to the Vibe of the Bass coming from Martin Frei. Then we get a cool Ballad 'Again' Bringing the Great Guitar solo is Andras Kokavecz on Lead Guitar. 'Don't Walk Away' is another neck snapper of a tune. Ripping the Drums up is Thomas Willareth. 'Nemesis' as got to be my Favourite track. Awesome. 'Razorblade' is another fine track. The final track 'Rat Race' is another gem of a tune. Great release.

Vocals/Guitar...Thomas Mathis

Bass...Martin Frei

Guitar...Andras Kokavecz

Drums...Thomas Willareth

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