Power Metal Band Helhesten who hail from Zaragoza, Spain. They have released a Five track EP 'Vanquisher Of Darkness' Opening things up is a little Intro and then Comes 'Vanquisher Of Darkness' This is a Riff Fest with the Savage Riffs coming from the twin Axe men Mark Norris and Marcos Alba on Guitars. Marching Helhesten to the 'End Of Time' on Vocals is Sergio Beltron. Now get that Head Banging. Great track. Then we get 'Sledgehammer' Galloping ahead is Adrian Berna Hammering the Drums. Another Top tune. The Final track is 'Magestic Dragon Ride' and Pulling the String of the Bass is Eduardo Benavente. What a journey. Passing through the Lighting Riffs and Thunderous Bangs of Helhesten. Bring on The Album.

Vocals...Sergio Beltron

Guitar...Mark Norris

Bass...Eduardo Benavente

Guitar...Marcos Alba

Drums...Adrian Berna

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