Time for some Melodic Rock from Hardland who hail from Utrecht, Netherlands, They have released a Ten track Album 'In Control' which also includes a DVD.Here are a few of the Standout tracks. Opening track 'The Nation's Biggest Enemies' This is one catchy track that will have you singing along with Aeilko Venema on Vocals and Guitar. Next comes a Awesome cover of the Tubeway Army Classic 'Are Friends Electric' Tune. Now it's time to 'Rise And Shine' is a message from Marco Kuiper the man turning the Keys to a enjoyable Sex life. This next track is cool as Fuck 'Haunted' What a chorus. Bringing the pulse of the Bass is Remi Riegel. 'Dazzled By The Presence Of Love' Banging on the Door of Love and the Drums is Eric Gijsen. Another Great track. Then comes a song everyone will be singing along too 'Love Love Love' Just Love this Song. Now it's time to get Kinky 'Pleasure And Pain' Fucking Awesome tune, The man with the Funky Riffs on Guitar is Paul Evers. who also provides Vocals. Final Track 'Last Goodbye' What away to end an Awesome Album. These Guys wll soon be touring the UK. Make sure you Catch them..Live.

Vocals/Guitar...Paul Evers

Guitar/Vocals..Aeilko Venema

Bass..Remi Riegel

Drums...Eric Gijsen

Keys...Marco Kuiper

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