Time for some Thrash Metal from Overt Enemy who hail from Mission, Texas, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Possession' Opening track is the Title track 'Possession' This will have you screaming along with Leo Ortiz who also brings some Razor cutting Riffs on Guitar. It's time to join Overt Enemy at the altar and 'Pray For Death' The Lady pulling the Strings on Bass is Laura 'Slayerella' Ortiz. Fucking Awesome. Now for 'Blood God' Feeding the Blood God with his Blood Dripping fingers and lighting fast Riffs is Rob Hahn on Guitar. 'In The End We Died' Loud and Brutal beating the Drums till the End is Jaime Ayala. The Final track is 'At Dawn They Sleep' They have no Fucking Chance with this Awesome sound Screaming out. Awesome Release.

Vocals/Guitar...Leo Ortiz

Bass...Laura 'Slayerella' Ortiz

Guitar...Rob Hahn

Drums...Jaime Ayala

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