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Dream Company are a Melodic Rock Band from Milan, Italy. They have just released their Debut Album 'The Wildest Season' containing Ten Tracks. Now for the standout tracks. Opening with a stormer of a tune 'Days In Blue' Your guide on this journey on Vocals is Giulio Garghentini. 'Mine Mine Mine' will have you singing along and waving your arms high. The man with the Amazing Riffs on Guitar is Enrico Modini. 'Salvation' is another Rockin tune. 'Revolution' will have you shouting out loud. Time for a cool Ballad now with 'River Of Love' with the beautiful sound of flowing Keys. 'The Ghost' Reliving the Memories of Music. Bringing the Beat alive on Drums is Davide Colombi. 'Love Is Possession' one that will have the crowd going mad. Bringing the pulse of the Bass is Stefano Scola. The final track is 'Liars' as got to be a Hit single. What a Release.

Vocals...Giulio Garghentini

Guitar...Enrico Modini

Bass...Stefano Scola

Drums...Davide Colombi

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