Now these guys need no intro The Mighty Weapon UK are back. Hailing from London, England. Weapon UK have released a Ten track Album 'Ghosts Of War' Here are some of the Standout tracks. Opening and Title Track 'Ghosts Of War' will have you reaching for that Air Guitar straight away. Driving Riffs coming from Jeff Summers on Guitar. With the Guest Vocals coming from the Amazing Voice of Clare Cunningham (Ex Thundermother) 'Queen Of The Ride' Now this is one Funky Bitch. 'Sea Of Hope' Get ready for a Haunting journey. Keeping the Pulse ticking through it all on Bass is Tony Forsythe. 'Emerald God' This will have you yelling along with the one and only Danny Hynes on Vocals. Get that head Banging. Awesome Riffs. 'All I Need' will have them feet goin to the Beat of the Drums from Darren Lee. '79 Revisited' what a treat. This will have you ripping it up with your cardboard Guitar. The Treats keep coming 'Set The Stage Alight 2017' (From their 'Rising From The Ashes' Album). What a Gem of a Album.

Vocals...Danny Hynes

Guitar...Jeff Summers

Bass...Tony Forsythe

Drums...Darren Lee

Guest Vocals...Clare Cunningham

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