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Time for some Trash Metal from My Funeral who hail from Helsinki, Finland. They have released a Five track EP 'Graveblaster' Starting things off is the fast & furious 'Thrashcrusher' Providing the lighting fast Riffs on Guitars is Joonas Kiviniemi and Carlos Correa. neck snapping time now 'Thrash & Destroy' Beating the Fuck out the Drums is Tomi Louhesto. 'Nuclear Storm' Will have you burning up in the Mosh Pit. 'Retro Satan' will have you raising them Horns high. On Vocals and bringing the Pulse on Bass is the Demon himself Ilkka Sepponen. The last in line will have you going Crazy 'Disappear' Not for long we Hope. As we need a Album.

Vocals/Bass...Ilkka Sepponen

Guitar...Joonas Kiviniemi

Drums...Tomi Louhesto

Guitar...Carlos Correa

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