Metal Band Extinguish The Sun who hail from Dixon, Illinois, USA. Have released a six track EP 'Oceans' Opening track 'Like Sex' will have the juices flowing and you Banging along to the beat of the Drums from Mike Morley. 'Cake Sniffer' will give you that sugar rush needed for the Mosh Pit. Bringing the driving Riffs on Guitars are Jermey Toms and Nick Grobe. 'Identity Crisis' Not knowing which way to turn on Vocals is Jeremy Miller. Time to Rock out now with 'Clocks' Great track. Turning the fingers on Bass is Daniel Edminds. 'In Oceans Deep' sure to have your head bopping in and out of the Ocean. They have also released a Lyrical Video for this track. The last offering is to 'Witch Hazel' What a way to end a really Cool release.

Vocals...Jeremy Miller

Guitar...Nick Grobe

Bass...Daniel Edmunds

Guitar...Jeremy Toms

Drums...Mike Morley

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