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City Cop are a Emo/Punk Band who hail from Ashtabula, Ohio, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Nesh' Opening track is the Title track 'Nesh' Strumming the groovy Riffs on Guitar is Max Adams. They have also released a Video for this track. 'Get Well' will have Shane Sehmer providing the vibration of the Bass for the Pulse. 'Hindsight' is a cool Guitar Solo. '20/20' Will have you singing along with Eddie Gancos on Vocals. The final track 'Flatline' This will sure have the heart beating. Bringing the Shock of the Beat on Drums is Cody Mikesell. Top Tunes, Top Release.

Vocals...Eddie Gancos

Guitar...Max Adams

Bass...Shane Sehmer

Drums...Cody Mikesell

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