Time for some Metal from South Korea with Landmine. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Pioneer's Destiny' Now for some of the standout tracks. 'Kingdom Destroyed' Will have your head banging from the first Riffs on Guitar by Suchan Yun. Awesome track. 'Fight To Live' is another Great track more Awesome Riffs and the Cool Vocals from Hyoenho Byeon. 'Lost Pioneer' & 'His Darkest Hour' Will have you moving to the pulse of the Bass from Daeyoung Kim. 'Punishment By The Of' & 'March Of The Bloods' Will have the soothing sounds of the Keys coming from Youngwan Im. 'Your Heavy Dignity' Is a Cool Ballad. Then we come to the End with 'Slow Fading Yesterday' Time to Rock the Fuck out with the beast on Drums Hyungrea Cho. The is one Hell of a Enjoyable release.

Vocals...Hyoenho Byeon

Guitar...Suchan Yun

Bass...Daeyoung Kim

Drums...Hyungrea Cho

Keys...Youngwan Im


Mr Shin

Jimmy Writro

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