Hammered are a Heavy Metal Band who hail from California, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Live, Drunk, & Metal' Opening track 'Strike Of The Hammer' Will have your head banging from the off. Electrifying Riffs coming from Mike Hammer on Guitar. 'Heavy Drunken Metal' Mosh Pit time. Let yourself go and Mosh to the Heavy Beat of the Drums from Mikey Savage Animal. 'Rack Em Up' this is a Awesome tune. Bringing the Power of the Bass is Christian Doom. 'Road Ragin' you will find yourself yelling along with Criss Callow on Vocals and Guitar. The Final track 'Taking Back The Night' what a way to finish. What a release. Horns Held High.

Vocals/Guitar...Criss Callow

Bass...Christian Doom

Guitar...Mike Hammer

Drums...Mikey Savage Animal

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