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Frank Suz is a Rock N Roll Solo Project. Frank Suz who hails from Spain. He as released a Eleven track album 'Inferno'. Here are some of the standout tracks. The Title track 'Inferno' is a really Rockin number. They have even released a video for this track. 'No Es Pais Para Viejos' (It's Not Country For Old) This will have you dancing in the Aisles, Groovy tune. 'El Hombre De Plastico' (The Plastic Man) Sure to have you stomping your feet. 'El Neuvo Diablo' (The New Devil) One Hell of a catchy tune. 'El Rey Del Mundo' (The King Of The World). Time to hear you singing along with this one. 'En Babilonia' (The Babylon). The Final track is 'Lu Bruja' (The Witch) On Vocals and playing the Awesome Hammond Organ is Frank Suz. All tracks sang in Spanish. Awesome party album.

Vocals/Keys...Frank Suz

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