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Time for some Blackened Thrash Metal from Dizastra who hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. they have released a Nine track Album 'Elder Son' Now for some standout tracks. Opening track 'Vae Victus' Comes with some out of this World electrfying Riffage from the two Guitar slingers Matteo Conti who also provides Vocals and The Wizard Denis Stoisin. Also bringing a cool Riffage session on Bass is Nathan Afilalo. They have released a cool video to go along with this track be sure to give it a watch. 'Dead Ov Night' is a real neck snapper of a tune. More Glorious neck snapping Riffs. 'Mourning Wars' and 'Gnosis' brings out the Beast in Pietro Giampa on Drums, Beating the skins til they Bleed. 'The Last Stand' is a Epic tune. 'Terminus Est' is a wonderful Instrumental piece. Great Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Matteo Conti

Bass...Nathan Afilalo

Guitar...Denis Stoisin

Drums...Pietro Giampa

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