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Rock Band Eulogy who hail from Cardiff, Wales. They are set to release their new EP 'Memento Mori' with Label 'One Eyed Toad Records' The EP consist of Four tracks. Opening track 'Cross To Bare' What a Great start, This grabs you from the off. You will find your feet and head Rockin to the Rhythm of the Guitars from Mike Williams and Darren Harris. 'You'll Die Alone' Will have you singing along to this Gem of a tune. 'Corvid' Your head will be banging to the Beat of the Drums from Darran Goodwin. The final track 'Blood Red Skies' is a Awsome tune. Pulling the strings on Bass and providing the Cool Vocals is Neil Thomas. They have also released a lyrical video for this track so you can join in and sing along. Awesome EP....Now where's the Album.

Vocals/Bass...Neil Thomas

Guitar...Mike Williams

Drums...Darran Goodwin

Guitar...Darren Harris

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