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Metal Band Dragonlore who hail from Chicago, Illinois, USA. They have released a Ten track Album 'Lucifer's Decent' Here are a few of the standout tracks 'Destroyer Of Thee Undead' Will take you on a journey of Riffs coming from the two Axemen on Guitars we have Skip Stinski and Jim Brucks. 'Hand Of The Gypsy' Is a Cool Ballad. 'Saved By Love' If you love your high pitched screams, This will have you wetting your pants. Awesome Vocals from Joe Lawson. 'Witchhunt' Bringing the pulse to the hunt on Bass is Marty Buchaus. 'Lord Of Illusion' is a top tune. The final track 'Driving Out The Demons' Get that head banging. Bruising the skins on Drums is James Marlow. Great Rockin Album.

Vocals...Joe Lawson

Guitar...Skip Stinski

Bass...Marty Buchaus

Guitar...Jim Brucks

Drums...James Marlow

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