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Alt Rockers Bendt who hail from Albany, New York, USA. They have released a Nine track Album 'Brightness In The Barrens' Here's a few of the standout tracks. Starting things off is 'Symptoms' This will have your feet going to the Pounding of the Drums from Cody Bingham. They have also released a video for this track. '13th' Is a Top tune. Bringing the Pulse of the Bass is John Longo. ' Don't' is one Groovy tune. 'Knife' will have the Awesome Vocals stabbing deep into your soul. On Guitar and Vocals is Matt Plummer. 'Open Spaces' Another cool tune. Providing the Riffs is Lead Guitarist Carl Blackwood. This Album will have you pressing the replay button.

Vocals/Guitar...Matt Plummer

Bass...John Longo

Guitar...Carl Blackwood

Drums...Cody Bingham

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