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Frame are a Punk Rock Band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Mild Plague' Starting things off is 'Fortuna Scratchers' On Vocals with the Attitude is Colin Anderson. 'Alivio' Time to get the party started providing the Riffs on Guitars are Eric Maupin and Rooney. 'Nihilism Is Easy It's Nothing' Bringing the Pulse on Bass is Brandon. 'Hivemind Incognito' is sure to get the Mosh Pit goin. The Final track is 'Teddy Duchamp's Train Dodge' Keeping the chug along on Drums is David Sarvay. You want Mayhem you got it...Welcome to Frame.

Vocals...Colin Anderson

Guitar...Eric Maupin



Drums...David Sarvay

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