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Mirage are a Progressive Rock Band from Tours, France. They have released a Five track EP 'Museum' starting things off is 'Someone' Sure to have your body swaying to the Awesome sound. These provide us with Two Beautiful Vocalist Julliette Cogneau who also plays Flute and Emma Guibert who also plays Violin. Up next is 'Grey Birds' this will have you floating through the Air and Bouncing off the clouds with the Vibe of the Bass from Drayden Labie. 'Museum pt1' & 'Museum pt2' This gives the two sides to Guitarist Flavien Lebraud on Acoustic and Electric Guitars. The Final track on Offer is 'Mania' The Soothing sound of the Flute from Julliette draws you in, the Beat of the Drums from Clement Lebraud will have them feet tapping along. WoW this is one Awesome EP.

Vocals/Flute...Julliette Cogneau

Vocals/Violin...Emma Guibert

Bass...Drayden Labie

Guitar...Flavien Lebraud

Drums...Clement Lebraud

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