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Heavy Metal Band Fire who hail from Hamburg, Germany. They have released a 10'' Vinyl Record 'Walking On Bones' This is a Ten Minute Epic track. Klaus 'Klamsi NieBen on Vocals will have you eating out of his hand with this Epic tune, Ripping the flesh from the Bones and Beating the skins on Drums is Meik 'Strody' Strodtmann. Turning over to the B side we have 'Enough Is Enough' is another Class tune, coming in at over Seven Minutes. This will have you reaching for your Air Guitar and joining in with Riff master Jorg 'Schrorg' Dusedau on Guitar and proving the pulse of the Bass is Stephan 'Higgi' Hinsch. Awesome release. Rise your Horns for FIRE.

Vocals...Klaus 'Klamsi' NieBen

Guitar...Jorg 'Schrorg' Dusedau

Bass...Stephan 'Higgi' Hinsch

Drums...Meik 'Strody' Strodtmannn

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