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Time for some Rockabilly from Donna Dunne who hails from Dublin, Ireland. She has Re-released a Twelve track Album with The Mystery Men 'Voodoo' Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opening track is the Title track 'Voodoo' is a Rockin tune, Some mighty fine Riffs from Philip Doyle on Guitar. Catchy tune. 'Mystery Man' The man Dancing with the Double Bass and sure to have you dancing is Phil Bloomberg. 'Man Without Command' This will have you reaching for your Sombero. 'I Huffed and I Puffed' This is cool as Fuck. You will find youself singing along with Donna Dunne. 'Spirits Free' Another Great tune. Keeping the Beat on Drums is Craig Eriksson This is a Album that will have you coming back for More.

Vocals...Donna Dunne

Guitar...Philip Doyle

Double Bass...Phil Bloomberg

Drums...Craig Eriksson

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