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Heavy Metal time with Pleonexia who hail from Italy. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Virtute E Canoscenza' Here are a few of the standout tracks. 'Out Of The Tribe' This will have the whole body moving. Some storming Key work from Lorenza Luca. 'Selfish Gene' This will have your pulse racing to the Vibe of the Bass from Andrea Borlengo. 'Choices' Comes in at a Epic Seven minutes. Awesome Track main man on Vocals and Guitar is Michele Da Pila. 'Slug On The Highway' Another Awesome tune. Will have your feet going to the Beat of the Drums from Daniele Ferro Milon. 'The March Of The Dumbs' Time to march along to the driving Riffs on Guitar from Andrea Autiero. Great Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Michele Da Pila

Bass...Andrea Borlengo

Guitar...Andrea Autiero

Keys...Lorenzo Luca

Drums...Daniele Ferro Milon

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