Stomp Talk Modstone are a Alternative Rock Band from Japan. They have released a Six track EP 'Concern' Here's a few of the standout tracks. Opener 'Lighting Bolt' & 'Sweet But A Psychedelic' Bring Some Awesome Riffs from Naoki Nishino and Takamistu Kawashima who also provides Vocals. 'If You Love Me, Let Me Know' is a funky tune. Kouta Hoshino provides the pulse of the Bass. 'Lighting Bolt' (Reprise) comes in at over a Epic Nine minutes. Keeping your head nodding along is Megumu Asai on Drums. Illustrations coming the way of Mimu Sano. Great work.

Vocals/Guitar...Takamistu Kawashima

Bass...Kouta Hoshino

Guitar...Naoki Nishino

Drums...Megumu Asai

Illustrations...Mimu Sano

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