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Time for some Electro Rock from Freak Injection who hail from Paris, France. They have released a Twelve track Album 'Daddy Is The Devil' Here are a few of the standout tracks. 'Freaky Doll' will have you dancing along to the electro-fying Guitar Riffs from Mac F Freaky Dog' Then we get the Awesome 'Glitter In Hell' This is one Hell of a Great catchy tune, You can also sing along with the Beautiful Charlie Red on Vocals. As they have released a Lyrical video for this track. 'Snakeskin' Bringing the Venom to the Bass is Kevin Hapexia. 'Daddy Is The Devil' If you love your dance tunes, Your sure to love this track. Whipping the Drums into a Banging Orgy is Hector Hell. They have also released a Video for this track. Very Raunchy. Great Videos.....Awesome Album.

Vocals...Charlie Red

Guitar/Music... Mac F Freaky Dog

Bass...Kevin Hapexia

Drums...Hector Hell

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