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Psychedelic Rockers Smokemaster who hail from Cologne, Germany. Have released their Debut Album 'Smokemaster' containing Six tracks. Here's a few of the standout tracks. Opener 'Solar Flares' is a cool Instrumental track. 'Ear Of The Universe' is a orgasm to the soul, Ten minutes of pure Joy. 'Sunrise In The Canyon' Another cool Instrumental track, This would set the scene for a good Western Movie. 'Astronaut Of Love' will have you dancing to the swarm of love from the amazing sound of the Organ. The Final track 'Astral Traveller' will take you on an incredible journey of sound. If you want a Album that you can enjoy and relax too, This is the one. What a Debut Album.

Vocals/Blue Harp...Bjornsen Bear



Organ/Keys...Tack Tack

Drums/Vocals...Lukas Bronschen

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