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Hanna Barakat is a Rock Singer/Songwriter who hails from Austin, New York, USA. Hanna has released a Ten track Album 'Siren' Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opener and Title track 'Siren' will let you hear the Amazing Voice of Hanna Barakat who also plays Guitar. Beautiful Song. 'Cycle' this is one of them tunes that will be going round your head for days to come. Cool Eastern sound. Time to Rock out with 'In The Night' You will find yourself Nodding your head along to the Beat of the Drums from Lisa Fazenbaker. 'Damage Done' is a real foot stomper. Bringing the Vibe on Bass is Ali Martin. 'Separation' is a cool slow burner and sure to have you holding your lighters in the Air. 'Criminal' This is another Awesome tune. Burning the Riffs on Guitar is Anthony Basini. Great Album and what a Voice.

Vocals/Guitar...Hanna Barakat

Guitar...Anthony Basini

Bass...Ali Martin

Drums...Lisa Fazenbaker

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