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Metal Band Ancient Curse who hail from Bremen, Germany. They have released a Nine track Album 'The New Prophecy' Here are a few of the standout tracks. 'Fire And Ice' will have your fingers moving to the Awesome Riffs from Gunnar Erxleben on Guitar. 'The Shadow' is a real Cool tune. 'Hypnotize' will have you Head Banging to the monster sound. Beating the skins till they Bleed on Drums we have Matthais Schroder. 'One Moment Of Fortune' this is another Hard Hitting tune. Pulling the Strings and providing the Power of the Bass is Thorsten Penz. 'Mind Chaos' is a Great Ballad. The Final track is the Title track 'The New Prophecy' This is were front man Pepe Pierez on Vocals and Guitar, Lets it all go. Awesome Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Pepe Pierez

Guitar...Gunnar Erxleben

Bass...Thorsten Penz

Drums...Matthais Schroder

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