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Time for some Southern Hard Rock from Autumn Tree who hail from Mannheim, Germany. They have released their Debut Album 'Autumn Tree' containing Eleven tracks. Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opener 'Deadmans Hand' This will have your Head Banging along with the Almighty sound of the Drums from Aaron Kirsch. 'I Know' This is a cool tune, Sure to have you singing along with Kai Lutz on Vocals and Guitar. 'Supernatural' Another Great track with the Driving Riffs coming the way of Denis Bopp on Lead Guitar. 'Mississippi Rain' One Hell of a Cool Southern Ballad. Supplying The vibe on Bass is Norbert Galan. This is a Awesome Debut Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Kai Lutz

Lead Guitar...Denis Bopp

Bass...Norbert Galan

Drums...Aaron Kirsch

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