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Rock Band Angelshade who hail from California, USA. They have released a Ten track Album 'Conspiracy' Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opening track 'Tell-A-Vision' Now this is a slow burner, But what a tune. Man with the telling Vocals is Dave Marshall. What a Voice. 'The Leading Man' Just might get a run for his money here, Catchy tune that will have you singing along. This brings out the Awesome Vocals of Yolanda Johnston. 'Guns and Thunder' Now this is one Hell of a track. Providing the Ripping Riffs on Guitar's we have Joe Haynes on Rhythm Guitar and on Lead Guitar we have Brad Hanna. 'The New American Dream' Brings a bit of Southern Rock to the table. Bringing the Beat on Drums is Marc De Jesus. Keeping the Pulse racing for 'Chrome Black Soul' on Bass is Tedd Staub. What a Cool Album.

Frontman Vocals...Dave Marshall

Vocals...Yolanda Johnston

Guitar...Brad Hanna

Bass...Tedd Staub

Guitar...Joe Haynes

Drums...Marc De Jesus

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José Álvaro
José Álvaro
Dec 29, 2020

Hey Paul, good stuff you've been sharing 😊🎶

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