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Rock Band Axminster who hail from Boston, USA. They have released a Four track EP 'Bada Boom' containing Four tracks. Opening track Don't Wind Me Up' Brings the Rockin Groove. Some Awesome Riffage from Benny Florentino on Guitar. 'Thick N Thin' Catchy track that will have you singing along with Steve Sera on Vocals. 'Backfire' Will have your head Banging to the Beat of the Drums from Xanon Xicay.. 'White Lie Fever' sure to have you on the Dance floor. pulling the strings on Bass is Danny Callan. WoW four Amazing track.....We need an Album Guys.

Vocals/Guitar...Steve Sera

Bass...Danny Callan

Guitar...Benny Florentino

Drums...Xanon Xicay

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