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Power Metal Band Battle Born who hail from Southampton, England. They released their Debut EP 'Battle Born' back in 2020 and released 2022 remastered earlier this year. Containing Six tracks. Here are some of the standout tracks. Opener Band Name, Title track and one Hell of a tune 'Battle Born' What a tune. 'Bring The Metal Back' now this will have the Crowd singing along with Jack Reynolds on Vocals. 'Man Of War' some Awesome Riffs coming the way of Will Kerr and Tom O'Dell on Guitars. Amazing tune. I had the pleasure of catching these guys at PowerQuest this year, If you have the chance to see these guys, take it. Unbelievable Live. They have also released a New Single 'Fire Storm' Be sure to check it out.

Vocals....Jack Reynolds

Guitar/Keys...Will Kerr

Drums...Charles Lamacraft-Parrett

Guitar...Tom O'Dell

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