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Baz Francis is a Singer/Songwriter who is the front man for Rock band Magic Right Ball. Baz hails from London, England. Baz has released a Five track EP 'Wake To The Mourning' Opening track 'Day the Circus Leaves Town' Wow, the Organ and Baz's voice work a real treat. What a tune. 'World Beyond His Feet' comes with a YouTube Video. Be sure to check it out. A Beautiful track about Grandparents . Perfect tune. 'Pixie (My Roses Are Dead) What an Enjoyable track. This will have you singing along. Top tune. 'Sweetest Finn' Baz Francis has wrote a Gem here. Wonderful track, Just love this. The Final track 'Should've Seen It Coming; Will have the feet tapping away, What a Release. Hope to catch you on the road soon.

Vocals/Guitar/Keys...Baz Francis

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