Time for some Spiritual Metal from Becoming this is a one man Vessel. By the name of Jason Hardouin who seems to have a whole lot of talent. Jason provides Writing,Vocals,Guitar. Bass, Drums and Synths. He also gets a little help from a few Great friends. Becoming Hail from San Francisco. USA. They have released a Thirteen track Album. Here are some of the Standout tracks. Opener 'The Storm' will have you holding on tight. With the lighting Riffs coming the way of Amir Fouladgar and the Thunder of the Drums from Cesar Pessoa. 'Through The Now' is a catchy tune that you will find yourself singing along too. 'Alienation' This will have you chanting along to uneartly god. Spooky Riffs. 'Powerlines' Beastly Nightmares brought to life with the earth moving Riffs from Jim Vanderostyne on Guitar. 'It's Fine' You will find your whole body moving with this Awesome track. What a Talent what a Album.

Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Synths...Jason Hardouin

Guitar...Amir Fouladgar

Drums...Cesar Pessoa


Guitars...Jim Vanderostyne ...Dan Matheny

Vocals and Writing...Shamako Noble (Loyal)

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