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Rock Band Centreshift who hail from Los Angeles, California, USA. Now these guys have been mega busy. Here we look at their second release of 20222. A six track EP 'Of,,,,' Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opener will wake you up right away 'And So' Is a Hard Hitting. 'From Where We Are' We have you singing along. They have also released a video for this track, Be sure to check it out. 'Falling Into' This will have the head goin 'Arise' Will have you grabbing your Air Guitar and strumming along. Top tune. 'Everything And Nothing' Lay back and relax and take it all in. The Final track 'What If' Another Top tune, This EP will have you searching these guys earlier release's. Awesome. EP.

Vocals/Guitar...Jasan Radford

Bass...Ted Wenri

Guitar...Ryan Stuber

Drums...Stefan Storace

Guest Vocals...Tallutah (Grumpy Plum)


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