Corrosium are a Alternative Metal Band who hail from Kytaja, Finland. They have released a Four track EP 'Undertow' Starting things off is 'Bleeding Starlight' Great track and Class Lyrical video. No Matter what problems you have in the world there's always a Beer waiting for you. The Vocals from Teppo Tirkkonen will have you holding on to every word. 'The Day We Fall' Another Top tune. Bringing the Pulse of the Bass is Juha Soini. The Title track is up next 'Undertow' This hits you with Driving Riffs from Joonas Loytonen and Pasi Juhantalo on Guitars. You will find yourself singing along to this Classic. The Final Track 'I Remain' is were things Heat up a little. This brings out the Demon in Corrosium. Slamming the Drums is Olli Laine. What a Release....Bring on the Album.

Vocals...Teppo Tirkkonen

Guitar...Pasi Juhantalo

Bass...Juha Soini

Guitar...Joonas Loytonen

Drums...Ollie Laine

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