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Melodic Death Metal Band Curse Of Eibon who hail from Sweden. They have released a New Five track EP 'Journey Into Madness' Opening things off is a short interlude 'Madness' with Narrator JM Burr. 'The Call' Some Demon Riffage from Martin Antonsson on Guitar. 'Colors From Beyond' Vocals coming the way of Fredrik Keith Croona. 'Whispers In The Dark' Bringing the Battering of the Drums is Anders Strom. Stomping tune. The Final Track 'The Forbidden Path' Leading the way with the Vibe of the Bass is Mathias Back. Great Released. Plenty to get that Head Banging.

Vocals...Fredrik Keith Croona

Guitar...Martin Antonsson

Bass...Mathais Back

Drums...Anders Strom


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