Time for some Progressive Rock from Flying Circus who hail from Cologne/Dusseldorf Germany. They have released a Fifteen track Album. 'Flying Circus' Here are some of the standout tracks. Starting off is 'The World Is Mine' What a Voice Michael Dorp provides a real treat to the ears. 'Fire (I Wanna Go)' Here with the soothing Riffs on Guitar we have Michael Rick. Awesome track. 'Bedeveres Wake' Another Class tune. 'Follow The Empress' Leading the way on Drums is Ande Roderigo. 'The Hopes We Had (In 1968)' This will have you singing along. 'Pride Of Creation. Bringing the Vibe on Bass is Roger Weitz. Cool Funky Tune. Time to Rock out 'The Edge Of The World' Bringing the magic with the Brilliant sound of the Keys is Rudiger Blomer. The End is upon us now, Time to entrer 'The Jewel City' What a way to finish. If you like you Prog Rock, Your going to Love this Album.

Vocals...Michael Dorp

Guiter...Michael Rick

Keys...Rudiger Blomer

Bass...Roger Weitz

Drums...Ande Roderigo

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