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Glasgow Kiss are a New Rock Band hailing from Bergen, Norway. To date they have released Two singles. First up is 'Black Rose' They hit you were it matters, Blazing Guitars coming from the Two Riff masters Sveinung Sveen and Daniel B Anker-Goli. Great track .The Amazing Vocals coming the way of the Beautiful Charlotte Marlen Midun. Their second offering is 'Furious' Time to Rock out. Slamming the Drums in Anger is Frode Andreassen. Pulling the strings on Bass is John Erik Soltvedt. WoW Bring on the Album.

Vocals...Charlotte Marlen Midun

Guitar...Sveinung Sveen

Bass...John Erik Soltvedt

Guitar...Daniel B Anker-Goli

Drums...Frode Andreassen

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