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Great Voyager are a Heavy Metal Band who hail from Pireas, Greece. They have released a Seven track Album 'Great Voyager' Here are some of the standout tracks. Opener '7th Seal' will have you sailing along with the waves of the Riffs from George Raftopoulos on Guitar. 'Belphegor' will have the Headbangers ready to Rock, pulling the strings on Bass is Antonis Mantzoros. 'Earth Was Made In Hell' Bringing the Yell from Hell on Vocals is Dimitris Zazirei. Awesome track. 'Voyager' will have you holding the Horns high. Sailing the ship that is Great Voyager on Drums is Nick Patis. Top Album.

Vocals...Dimitris Zazirei

Guitar...George Raftopoulos

Bass...Antonis Mantzoros

Drums...Nick Patis


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