Heavy Metal Band Incursion who hail from Miami, Florida, USA. They have released a Six track EP 'The Hunter' Here are the Stand out tracks 'Warrior Of Destruction' Get them Fucking Horns in the Air and sing along with Steve Samson on Vocals. Top Tune. 'Guilding Faith' Leading the way with the Vibe of the Bass is Stone Jamess. 'Fade To Black' This will have your head Banging along with the Hammering of the Drums from Buddy Norris. 'Kingdom Of The Dead' Lets the two Axe slingers loose and they hit you with some Electrifying Riffs on Guitars we have Michael Lashinsky and Maxx Havick. Great release. Loud and Hard.

Vocals...Steve Samson

Guitar...Michael Lashinsky

Bass...Stone Jamess

Guitar...Maxx Havick

Drums...Buddy Norris

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