Jeanice Lee is a Rock Band who hail from Edinburgh, Scotland. They have released a New Eight track Album 'Urban Legends' Here are a few of the standout tracks. 'Back In Our Cage' Is the first single off the New Album., This will have you singing along with the Beautiful Jeanice Lee on Vocals. 'Never Was' What a track. This will have you holding your lighters high and swaying in the Aisles. 'Devine Red Roses' will have the head nodding in approval. A moving beat to get the body moving. 'Walk Away From Me' Now this as a Awesome Riff that just draws you in, Top tune. The Final track is a Belter of a track 'The City We Used To Know' what a way to finish a truly outstanding Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Jeanice Lee

Bass...Leen Hodge

Guitar...Marco Morelli

Drums...Tony Hodge

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