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Time for some Stoner Rock from Little Hole Filled who hail from Austria. They have released a Seven track Album 'And The Ants Still March On' Now for the standout tracks. Opener and Title track 'And The Ants March On' Will have your fingers moving along to Hypnotic Riffs coming the way of Otto Hackl on Guitar. 'Boneyard Blues' Brings Philipp Diesenreiter on Vocals and Guitar to Deliver the Goods. 'Giving Birth To A Planet' Providing the Pulse of the Bass on this Epic Ten Minute Journey is Manfred Steininger. Wonderful stuff. 'Coyote Howling' is a Fantastic Instrumental track. having you bang your head along to the Beat of the Drums is Thomas Breiteneder. What an Enjoyable Release.

Vocals/Guitar...Philipp Diesenreiter

Bass...Manfred Steininger

Guitar...Otto Hackl

Drums...Thomas Breiteneder


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