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Alternative Metal Band Loversteeth who hail from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They have released a Five track EP 'Loversteeth' First up is 'Digging Downward' This a great track . Shows that lead singer Brandon McCabe as got a great Voice. 'I Deny Me' Is a smooth journey then all of a sudden you hit a storm. Perfection. 'Simple Vision' moving from a Psychedelic tune to Death Metal, Class tune. 'Bloom' will have you moving. These guys sure know how to play. The Final track 'Void Response' Anything but with EP like this.. There are so many Rock and Metal genres out there, These guys give a little of everything super release.

Vocals/Bass...Brandon McCabe

Guitar/Synth...Zach Fratoni

Drums...Charles Capretta

Guitar...Karl Lebel Viens


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