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Finnish Rock Goddess Minna Ora who hails from Perrtelli, Finland. Lead Singer/Guitarist from the Rock Band The Rack Doll. Minna has just released here second solo single 'Sea' with a little help from some Awesome friends. This comes on the back of her first release 'Forest'. This is Minna sharing her love for Music and Nature as one. Everything about her New release is Beaufiful the lady herself, Her Voice and the stories behind the Music. Now for these Awesome friends. The track opens with crashing sound of the waves from Kamy Karmarainen with the Percussions. Tinkerling of the Keys from Tuulia Vihanto.. Electric Guitar plucked Gental as a leave from a tree by Kari Ora and pulling the strings on Bass is Jussi Sinervo. Beautiful Music, Beautiful Voice. Just as Minna's first release she as released the track in her Native tongue of Finnish. ''Meri'. If you get chance listen to all Four tracks. Two sang in English 'Forest' & 'Sea.......and Two sang in .Finnish 'Metsa' & 'Meri'. Plenty more to come.

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar...Minna Ora

Keys...Tuulia Vihanto

Guitar...Kari Ora

Bass...Jussi Sinervo

Percussion...Kamy Karmarainen


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