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Powerstorm is a One man Power Metal Project. His name is Kostas Falieros and he hails from Argos, Greece. He has released his second Album 'Act ii' containing Eleven tracks. Here are some of the standout tracks. 'Fading Horizon' Nice heavy chunky Riffs to get the fingers moving. 'Lost' WoW Kostas can sure play more fast and rip roaring Riffs. 'No Place For Darkness' is a Great Ballad. 'Never Let Go' & 'Eastern Sands' will have you slamming your head along with the Thunderous Beats. 'Powerstorm' Hits you like a Hurricane. Air Guitars at the ready. Excellent Album.

Vocals/Guitar/Programming...Kostas Falieros

Bass...Nikkos Mikhalakakos


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