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Ptrayer Line are a Horror Rock Band who hail from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. They have released a Video and Single 'Reanimator' If you like Blood and Guts these guys do it on tap. Very Gruesome. The man with the Blood Curdling Vocals and Fuzzy Bass is Jake Hellman. The Two guys with the Skin Shedding Riffs are Phil Olympia and Jake Miller. Slamming the Skins till they Bleed on Drums is Trent Combs. 'Reanimator' is taken from their Album 'Thrill Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me ,Kill Me' Some Hard Rockin tunes..Check these guys out.

Vocals/Bass...Jake Hellman

Guitar...Phil Olympia

Drums...Trent Combs

Guitar Jake Miller


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