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Now for some Awesome music from Quiete are a Two man Project who hail from Treviso, Italy. They have released a Eight track Album 'Riflessi' These guys have come up with a masterful piece of work here. Here are some of the stand out tracks. 'Aurora' Hitting you with the Soothing sound of the Keys and Searching Riffs. Then in come the Vocals Peace hits the Demon. Soothing and Growling Vocals. 'Madre' This is were Drummer Matteo Penzo gives his all. WoW great tune. 'Gocce' will have you Hynotized. with the interchange between Drums and Guitar. The Next two tracks 'Samsara' and 'Autumna' brings the Best out of Nicola Trentin who provides Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Keys. Some Awesome Riffs to keep them fingers moving. What a Joy to hear. Take a Bow Guys. Awesome Album.

Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keys...Nicola Trentin

Drums...Matteo Penzo


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