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Heavy Metal Band Scala Mercalli who hail from Fermo, Italy. Have realeased a Lyrical Video 'Anita Garibaldi' This track is dedicated to the Woman who fought for the freedom of her land. Leading the way to the Battlefield is Scala Mercali own Anita, On Bass we have Giusy Bettei. Making the Roar to battle on Vocals we have Christian Bartolacci. Providing the Screaming Guitar Riffs are Clemente Cattalani and Luca Vignoni. Completing the Army that is Scala Mercalli with the Exploding Drums is Sergio Ciccoli. Awesome Track from a Awesome Album.

Vocals...Christian Bartolacci

Guitar...Clemente Cattalani

Bass...Giusy Bettei

Guitar...Luca Vignoni

Drums...Sergio Ciccoli


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