Sidus is a one man Project who brings us some Post Rock/Metal. Sidus is Spiros Olivotos who hails from Berlin, Germany. He has released a Five track EP 'Seasons Reversed' Starting things off with 'Envy' Shows the talent of Spiros on Guitar. 'Energy In Emptieness' Will have you stomping so the Cool Riffs. 'Stellar Sky' Just close your eyes and you will find yourself Floating, Then it breaks in to a wonderful wall of sound. The Title track is up next 'Seasons Reversed' Sidus gets a little help here from the Awesome Drummer Kostas Milonas. What a tune. The Final track 'Prototypes/Replicas' Now this is one Hell of a Journey.. You could play this all day long and never get Bored. Great Release.

All Instruments...Spiros Olivotos

Guest Drums...Kostas Milonas


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